Monday, July 19, 2010

Using things to your advantedge:

Most of us have things that we can use to our advantedge in one form or another. Take myself for example. I am a very independent person. If I can get something done without waiting for my husband to get home and help me, then I do it. Now I am not saying that it is always the smartest idea because I move things that I really should wait to have help with, or really have to bust my butt in order to get the task done on my own, but that is the way I am. Now some people would say that works to my husbands advantedge because he doesn't have to help with that task. Sometimes we find things that work to our advantedge and we can use them over and over again. A couple of years ago when I wanted to get my first ducks I found something that works for me. Some friends of ours were giving away a couple of ducks, to which I tried to convince my husband we should take. His response was "what do you need ducks for and where are you going to put them?" My response was " because I like them and you can build them a cute little house to live in" (all of this with a smile of course and the honey dripping off my lips). Well he procrastinated about that duck house. I think he thought that if he didn't build it I would forget about getting ducks. Well finally I offered to get out the skill saw and build a house myself. It did not take long for my husband to start making plans and building the duck house. You should know I am NOT ALLOWED to use the power tools.....this was told to me by my husband in no uncertain terms....they are OFF LIMITS. Which leads us back up to what I said above. I am very independent and don't wait for my husband to help me. Now I think that because my husband knows me so well he was afraid I really would try to build that duck house myself. So I learned that I can get my husband to build me all of the animal houses I want if I offer to get out the skill saw and build it myself......that works to my advantedge. And who would have thought that my husband not wanting me to cut my fingers off would be so beneficial to me.....

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