Saturday, July 24, 2010

Running a restaurant:

Sometimes at meal time I feel like I am running a restaurant. Out of my four kids my oldest son is the only one that will eat vegetables and never complains about what I have fixed, he is just happy to have something to dig his fork in to. The others on the other hand don't like anything unless of course it is tacos, pizza or McDonald's. Meat, potatoes and vegetables and the only thing they want is the meat, except my daughter who would rather have just the potato. Most nights they would rather eat a bowl of cereal. Now I don't really mind this, I am just glad they are eating something and filling up there bellies, but somehow after they eat cereal for supper every night it is my fault when there is none of their favorite kind left for breakfast. Now back to the only liking part of the many families out there we need to try to stretch things and make them go further. So in an attempt to stretch the burger a little further I made hamburger helper, to which my 9 year old son once told me " I like the hamburger but not the helper".

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