Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My thought for the day:

Have you ever wondered how some things in the world got figured out? I do, and as I collect the eggs I sometimes I have to wonder.....The chicken came into the world, well as a chicken I suppose. But like anything else in the world it was at some point something that was new and undiscovered. At some point some one "discovered" the chicken just like every thing else was discovered. On some occasion someone obviously tried eating the chicken and discovered a new food source. Now although some people don't realize it, I am sure that most people know that an egg comes out of a chickens butt....yup thats comes out the same hole it poops out what I wonder about is the egg.....someone discovered the chicken, saw this big hard shelled thing come out of it's butt.....and decided to eat I am not saying this is a bad discovery by any means....I just can't imagine why anyone would have thought to eat something they saw come out of a chickens butt......of course there is a first time for everything.

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