Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Chicken Horror Movie:

So today I am out doing chores. My chickens free range the yard and do not have a problem with swarming my feet every time I go outside. This of course may be partly my fault because of all the goodies they get. Now anyone who has raised chickens knows that chickens are happy to scratch all day looking for bugs and other goodies to eat. They are also very fond of treats like vegetable scraps etc. and will eat whatever you bring them like they have not seen food that day. My chickens know that a bucket in my hand also means there is something in that bucket, whether it is for them or not. Today my chickens realized I was out there at feeding time with a bucket and completely swarmed me, I was surrounded by chickens. I thought if some one were to make a horror movie about chickens it would look something like what was going on in my backyard. Hmmm....that might be something to think about. Now of course they didn't really attack me or anything, they just swarmed my feet clucking up a storm and begging for the contents of the bucket. Maybe with some special effects I could make the chickens in the movie appear a bit more vicious.

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