Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Placing blame where it doesn't belong:

I had a duck egg that starting incubating after a chicken layed eggs beside the duck egg and started setting on them. Well this particuliar duck egg was a Muscovy egg that would need to incubate for 35 days in comparison to the chickens eggs only taking 21 days. I had to remove the duck egg so the chicken would not abandon it after her own eggs hatched. So I put it in my incubator along with some chicken eggs. Well this sweet little duckling hatched out. I put it in a box with a light all by it's lonely little self while I waited for chicks to hatch. As the chicks started hatching I added them to the box. Now all the eggs were not due to hatch at the same time, so every couple of days I had more chicks to add to the box. One day my husband came home from work and happened to notice all of the chicks suddenly showing up in the box, and said " holy crap where did all of the chicks come from?" Now I probably should have owned up to it and just said " those are from the eggs I put in the incubator" but instead in a very sweet, child like voice I looked up at him and said " the duckling was lonely and wished for friends". Yup...I blamed those thirty some odd chicks in the box on that poor, sweet, innocent little duckling.....now of course that wasn't right......and I am pretty sure I got caught in a lie......

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