Friday, August 20, 2010

Are clothes to sexy for little girls?

Okay, so I have been looking at clothes for my eight year old daughter. Are clothes getting to "sexy" for little girls or am I just getting old? Some of the clothes I saw looked like they belonged on someone much older. They even had little girls bras that were padded? I seriously am not looking forward to my daughter needing a bra, and when the time comes I won't be buying a padded one to make them look bigger!!! Maybe I just don't get out enough....but the styles seem a little "too old" for little girls...


  1. hi thanks for following my nail art blog i was reading thru your blog and couldnt agree more with this post!!
    i dont know how old you are but im 25 and i have a 2 1/2yo daughter and i was looking at the clothes for older kids like age 5+ and i was shocked, lil mini skirts, crop tops, micro shorts, it is disgusting! and the crap they show on tv, music clips and internet are concerning, i am scared for my lil girl in this world... little girls are getting too sexy and its scary, i also have a 10yo cousin and she is too sexy for her age she dances like the mtv girls and i am worried for her she is already interested in boys :-(

  2. I love your blog!! I am a huge fan of nail art :) I know what you mean, the world is getting scary and the images that are portrayed as the "perfect" body are awful. Girls shouldn't feel they have to be bone skinny to be beautiful. I see teenage girls in outfits of today's styles and think "there is no way my daughter will be leaving the house looking like that!!" I just can't even comprehend why a little girl would need a padded bra!!